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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tapestry of Grace Year 1 - A Greek Play

One of the suggestions for the older students this year is a Greek play, but we wanted to try a Greek play for our LG, UG and Dialectic students and the script provided was just too much for them. I was thrilled with the challenge of putting it all together, but we didn't want to write our own script so I went to work searching for just the right one on the internet.

This is what we found, and we were very happy to pay for it. It's well worth the money!

We practiced weekly, and students were responsible to learn their lines at home. For casting, we just started at the oldest child and worked our way down the list. It happened to work out just right for the genders as well! The children got involved with ideas for staging, props and choosing background music. I directed the play while other moms created props and masks for the play and cared for the preschoolers, secretly working on some things for them to present at the unit celebration, too!

We performed this at a clubhouse near to one of our homeschool families. We thought it was perfect with the water running by behind our "stage". 

For two reasons, I have very little video and no pictures of the play. :( Our camera ran out of batteries, and I was back stage while my husband was looking after two little ones. Oh well! Memories are priceless! The other families have video, and I'm sure photos as well, so I could probably beg and get my hands on some.

Here is a video of the beginning of the play:

And not to be left out, all of their younger siblings put on a little show for us before the play! Here's a video clip of them, too:  (Sorry for the poor sound quality. It was windy!)

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