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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am weak, but He is strong

Well, I am thinking I need to post the good, the bad and the ugly.
I am tired. Not just physically tired, but overall tired. My house is a mess, I have 4 loads of laundry to fold and probably 4 more to wash, my daughter (7) is broken (broken clavicle), home school seems overwhelming this week, etc.... I'm tired of trying to control it all. I can't do it. I know God can do all things, but I don't see how He can do it all through me.
Why does it seem like when I am trying to surrender and run the race with self-discipline that life gets so frustrating?
I had a cup of tea, and I am going to put my "baby" (almost 3 now) in bed, spend a little time with the Lord and then turn up the music and have a crisis cleaning session.


  1. Mary, I love how you said, "God can do all things." You have the right perspective. Just walk in it. I love you and can give you a day to help you organize- fold laundry, etc, You know how I love to help you in anyway. I hope you have a wonderful day on Thursday. Enjoy being His saint. Your WONDERFUL!

  2. As I read this, my mind is flooded with the Truth of His Word - all which you already know. (I tried to pick just one, but couldn't settle on just one and didn't want to preach)I hope you found the comfort, encouragement, strength and refreshment in your time alone with Him. Keep on keeping on, faithful one!