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Friday, April 13, 2012

Drama and Answered Prayers

Drama started again this week. The official kind, at least. I think we have a little of the unofficial kind every day. ;)
In 2009 and 2010, the kids took part in practicing and performing drama - first The King and I and then The Fiddler on the Roof. The cast is made up of approximately 50 other homeschoolers. Last year we were unable to participate because we were in the US when the performances took place.
Since we returned from the US in November, it has been a matter of much thought and prayer as to whether the kids would take part this year. There is a fee to participate, and if Mom volunteers, it is more than half the cost. In the past I have volunteered happily, enjoying the time with other Moms and the creative outlet. However, this year, I really don't have the extra time! The ministry and homeschool have kept me SUPER busy, and with performances in September and us planning to move to Durban in Oct/Nov, I just couldn't see me adding one more thing to my already jam-packed routine! So I prayed. And I asked my husband for his opinion (he agreed, but was okay with whatever I chose). And I prayed. And I asked friends for prayer.
And then a couple of weeks ago, we found out about someone that needed a place to stay for a couple of months because her new rental fell through and she already gave her notice at her current place. We have a rondoval (a round brick building with a thatch roof) that would be perfect for her use, and she was willing to pay. One month would more than cover the drama fees, and I wouldn't even need to volunteer! Brad and I both felt this was the answer to my prayers. Thank you, Lord!
My kids are excited to be involved again, and I feel kind of awkward about the idea of just dropping them off and leaving, not because I don't trust that they'll be well looked after, but because I like being involved!
I will still have Mickey with me while they are at drama practice every week, but it's during his nap time. Now I'll just have to be sure to be self-disciplined and accomplish something every week while they are away.

Here's a pic of the kids in costume from Fiddler (I made the girls costumes):

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