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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Each year I pray about what ministries God would have me be directly involved with. Yes, I am a missionary wife, but as a mom of young children, and a homeschool mom as well, my involvement in the ministry of Word of Life South Africa is limited.

As a result of that, God has given me other ministry opportunities over the years! It is exciting to see where He leads and the changes that take place. For example, 3 years ago, God seemed to be taking most of my ministry opportunities outside of the home away! Little did I know that little Mya would be coming into our lives and that my ministry inside my home would multiply. ;)

At the end of last year, I felt myself challenged by God to become more involved in the lives of the people in our home church here in South Africa. For a little background information, I had several close friends at our church and due to many reasons, all of those friends are gone! So here I find myself vulnerable, stepping out to build new relationships.

As I prayed about ways to be involved in our church besides the music ministry, the young man in charge of our children's ministry approached my husband to ask him about starting the Olympian program with our youth! They soon approached me and asked me to pray about being involved as a leader. I could answer immediately as I could clearly see that this was an answer to my prayer! This has been exciting for me on many levels. :)

As a missionary, I am excited to see our home church catch the excitement of our ministry!
As a mom, I am excited about my children being involved in this ministry in our home church that encourages children to get into God's word daily, memorize scripture and serve Him in our daily life.
As a Christian, I am thrilled about the opportunity to be discipling my children's friends to have a closer relationship with Christ!
As a women, I am ecstatic about the opportunity to build stronger relationships with my fellow leaders as we encourage each other and spur each other on to run the race with excellence!

I am excited to see what curves in my road may come along this year of 2010, and am ready to start throwing off the weights that are holding me back and run this race with abandon. I just love my Saviour and want to please Him!


  1. love you-- You'll do GREAT!!

  2. I loved being involved in my children's lives at every stage - my passion is discipling too! It's a great adventure walking with our Lord one step at a time in obedience. Thankfully, He sees the end from the beginning.