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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I started writing a post yesterday, but the power went out and was out most of the day! What a blessing in disquise! Yes, my laundry was screaming to be washed, but other than that, I got SOOO much done! :)

We started the morning off with school, a bit reluctantly, but got there none-the-less! We did the basics - Math, writing, reading, spelling... and then KONOS.

This week we are starting a new unit study in KONOS - Orderliness. We will be studying poetry, plants, animals, rocks, planets, solar system and seasons. The whole time we are studying those subjects, we will be focusing on orderliness.

Yesterday, instead of formal study, we PRACTICED orderliness. There was no electricity, and therefore, thankfully, less distractions! We headed off to the kids rooms and started organizing/decluttering. (The nice thing about this is that the kid's rooms are the "FLY Zone" for the week - killed two birds with one stone! Ok, just noticed when I linked to the FlyLady site that we're a week behind them, but we'll fix that when we get back from holiday. Better to be doing something than nothing!!!) We went through all their toys and put them where they belong - lego with lego, barbies with barbies, and so on. We gave away toys we no longer play with, got rid of shoes that no longer fit, and found long forgotten toys! Such a feeling of accomplishment. Now, hopefully studying orderliness will remind us why & how to keep it that way!

Today we're back to the books - we'll be working on the names and orders of the planets, reading poetry, and talking about creation. We will also be doing our first lesson in the Apologia book, Exploring Creation with Astronomy. Brandon is really looking forward to some science experiments - hope they come quickly!

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