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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Games, Train & Rain

I really enjoyed our day. It was busy, yet laid back. Just a go with the flow kind of day!

I headed out early this morning and saw a train stopped on the bridge over the Manzimtoti River, along with at least 15 different kinds of emergency vehicles - Police, Emergency Rescue, Hazmat, etc. I was SO curious, but you couldn't see anything because of the buildings and trees, so I just carried on my way.

I was in & out in the morning, but while I was home, I worked on taking out Mya's twists. She ever so sweetly twisted my arm into playing a game of Candy Land. Gotta love that girl! We had fun and laughed a little.

The neighbor kids - Marissa's new constant playmates - suggested going down to see the train that fell off the tracks (first I had heard about what actually happened) and I was right on that - I had been curious all day!

We rushed off to the beach - they knew where to park so we could walk down and get a good look. And just as we got to the beach it started to rain, but I still enjoyed the walk. Have I told you how much I love the beach?

Here are some pictures. They aren't the best as they were taken with my phone in the rain!

The river has been so strong that it has washed away an area of the beach where it meets the ocean. Our neighbour, Barry, said he has lived here 30 years and never seen it like this. It washed away the ground right up to and under the tracks, and as the train went through it just tipped right over. What you see is two engines and a lumber car. There were 4 men manning the engines, but they escaped with minor injuries.
 These pictures were taken when the tide was low, but if you look at the picture at the bottom of the post you'll see much more clearly how high the water can get.

Mya, Amy Jo & Marissa


This photo is a link to an article about the accident:

And this is a photo of what it normally looks like from behind. You'll note the train tracks on the bottom and the green vegetation to the right that has all been washed away.