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Monday, April 15, 2013

Home School Curriculum Missionary Discounts

I home schooled for a few years before I became aware of the fact that many curriculum providers offer discounts to missionaries (and many are also for those in full time ministry)! I thought I would highlight some of them here. As Steve Demme stated, "This is my way of encouraging those of you on the front lines." I'm sure there are others I'm not aware of. I have decided that it can't hurt to ask, so if you are in full time ministry and there is someone you want to order curriculum from, ask if they have discounts available. The worst that they can do is say no!

There are different policies for each company as to how to go about ordering with their missionary discount. Some of the companies state their policies on how to order on their website, others you may need to email or phone directly.

Normal shipping charges apply.

If you know of other curriculum suppliers that offer discounts, please post in the comments! This has been such a blessing to my family that I want to pass the information on to others.