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Sunday, September 19, 2010


SOOOO looking forward to digging into the book of Hebrews for the next 6 weeks in our Word of Life Quiet Time! Here is a section of the introduction by Don Kelso:
The key word in Hebrews is "better": used 13 times. It literally means higher in rank; thus, more prominent. 'Better' is used in the Book of Hebrews to build a series of comparisons:
a. Christ is a better messenger than prophets or angels (1:1-2:18)
b. Christ is a better apostle than Moses (3:1-6)
c. Christ gives a better rest than Joshua (4:1-10)
d. Christ is a better priest than Aaron (4:14-7:28)
e. The New Covenant is better than the Old Covenant (8:1-9:28)
f. Christ is a better sacrifice than the OT sacrifices (10:1-18)
g. The Christian life of "faith" is a better way to live (10:32-12:29)


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