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Friday, October 21, 2011

Torn, Part 2

I said goodbye today. It's been a long day of travel, and now some 18 hours later, the tears flow freely. I miss my Mom. I want to be curled up in her chair and a half sleeping softly and feeling like a little girl, like Mom can heal all wounds.
So for just a little while, I allow myself to grieve - to cry over moments that will be missed, loved ones that will guard their hearts from growing too close to protect themselves from the hurt of saying goodbye, of the possibility that some goodbyes could be the last in this life.
And then I rejoice in memories that were made, laughter that was shared, and words that were spoken. And as I prepare to drift off to sleep, God begins to heal my heart.
I love you, Abba Father, Daddy. Thank you that Your mercies are new every morning, and great is Your faithfulness.

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