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Monday, November 26, 2012

Warning: Easy Target

I was at Galleria Mall a few days ago loading my groceries into my car and a man appeared out of no where and asked me for help. I turned away from my trolley (grocery cart) for a moment to speak with him. He had a list of staples that he said he needed and that he didn't have enough money.

I have a policy of not giving money because I don't know what it will be spent on, but I found myself wishing I had something in my grocery bags I didn't need right away. I had just made a quick trip to the store to get last minute things for our family Thanksgiving dinner and some medicine for the girls, and didn't have anything I could spare. I drove away praying for him.  I questioned if I was insensitive to his needs and wondered about his family.
Well, when I got home I realized that I was missing a grocery bag. I am still so disappointed! I know that grocery bag was in the "child seat" of my trolley when I got to the car. I took my own bags and this was my one hot pink bag amidst the standard green ones. It's hard to miss! And I know that the trolley was empty when I put it away, which means that when my back was turned to the trolley the bag was taken. 
The most frustrating part is that it could 1). make me less likely to trust or help someone else that says they are in need and 2). make me feel vulnerable in the parking lot of that particular mall.
Guess I've learned a lesson to pay better attention! Glad my purse was around my neck and my keys in my pocket, and that everything missing could be replaced.

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