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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Letter G

This is what we've done for the letter G...
  • Read The Day Gogo Went to Vote (over and over and over and over)(Gogo is Zulu for Grandma)
Here are some links to free unit studies for this book:
  • Memorized a "G" verse 
     God is love.
    1 John 4:8b

  • Found objects around the house/garden that start with G (grapes, grass, glue, garbage, glitter, globe, glasses, guitars)
  • Ate Grapes
  • Added "G" to our laminated flip book of letters & words, along with new words we can read (HUG, GOT, TAG, TUG, HOG, GAG, GAP)
  • Decorated a letter G with glue and glitter
  • Read a Giraffe Poem and made Giraffe Giggles from our favourite Alphabet Book (It has an animal, poem and recipe for every letter of the alphabet. I was kind of disappointed that the animal for the letter G didn't have the "hard" G sound, but Giraffe are my favourite African animals, so I guess it's ok.)

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