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Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Trimaversary

"Once you discover nothing tastes as good as peace feels, the journey becomes less and less about food and more and more about God." 
Yesterday was my Trimaversary. It was one year ago on September 9 that I started my journey of eating healthy with Trim Healthy Mama.
I had been challenged in the past by God to show self-discipline in my life in the area of food/health, but after many ups and downs, I struggled so much with finding my "want to" that I just couldn't get started!
I went on furlough last year weighing more than I ever have, and discouraged because I knew I would gain more weight while in the US. I hated having pictures taken. It was so hard to choose pictures for our prayer card, because I didn't like any of them! I was on furlough for 4 months when I stepped on the scales and was in shock when I saw how high the numbers were. I had kept promising myself, "I'll never get higher than ___," and I was higher than every one of those promises.
I had two good friends (one in the US and one in NZ) that had shared with me about THM on numerous occasions, but I was afraid to spend that much money on a book. I was afraid that it might not work for me, or even more, that I might not have the will power to stick to it. I tried to get it from the library, but it was always checked out with a long waiting list. This day I was desperate. I just had to make a change. I bought the ebook, and started reading it right away. I stayed up late, devoured half the book, and made changes immediately. I didn't tell anyone that I was trying something new because I thought I might fail! 
In the first week I lost more than 5 lbs. Even though we were on furlough, I was able to cook for myself most of the time. When we were traveling or at other's homes, I just made the best choices I could. If someone made me lasagna, I ate it, and then was right back on plan in 3 hours. By the time we left for the field, 2 months after I started THM, I had already lost over 25 lbs! I have continued THM on the field, and, after a year, have lost 55 lbs (25 kg). I am just lower than my pre-pregnancy weight - FINALLY, as my first pregnancy was 16 years ago, and my last one 13 years ago! I have gone from a US size 18 to a US size 8/10. 
Trim Healthy Mama has helped me implement change. I am not at my goal weight, but I know I can do this. I cannot ever see myself returning to my former eating habits.

(It was these before photos that contributed to my decision to make a change! I don't have good before pics, because I hated having my picture taken!)




  1. Praise the Lord that HE is our goal. I am thrilled at how you daily enter the victory of healthy choices for you. Enjoy HIM more without the added guilt of eating poorly. I love you dear friend. Peace in every situation. His peace is PERFECT.

  2. So happy for you Mary! We both have gotten trimmer and healthier. I was doubtful and unsure of myself too. God is good!!

    1. Thank you, Susie! So grateful that you felt the nudge to share about THM with me!