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Friday, April 9, 2010

Book Review - Sounds Like One I Gotta Read!

Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul: Inspiration to Renew Your Spirit, by Angela Thomas Guffey

"A mother’s drive to care for her children and family – physically, mentally & spiritually is so strong and all encompassing that she often neglects to safeguard a bare minimum of time to nurture her own soul. In this book, Angela Guffey gently reminds mothers, through insights that are heart warming and funny one moment and serious the next, that motherhood requires more time invested in personal, spiritual growth, not less. But between teething and tantrums, schedules and schoolwork, what mother has the time?
Make time. It’s not a selfish act. On the contrary, it’s selfless. 'Soul care is about replacing what has been given out,' says Guffey.'Commit that, above all things, even above the precious gifts of husband and children…Jesus will come first.' She urges mothers to 'do whatever it takes' to keep their spiritual health sound."

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