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Thursday, April 8, 2010


My head is swimming in thoughts! Things are quickly getting busy and I rarely finish a thought before another one takes over. In fact, I had a pretty hard time finishing that last sentence! ;)

We are in the midst of school holidays in SA, and school starts again next week. We returned from SMASH last Saturday and have been pretty busy since.... Easter, Heidi at the Children's Theatre, went to The Meat Company for dinner with Jess Case as she leaves to go back to the US soon :( and then watched The Blindside at her house, had a visit from my friend Marianne and her kids (one of my best friends that previously lived in South Africa and immigrated to Switzerland about 1 1/2 years ago), had a planning meeting for Sunday School, Children's Choir, and Senior Youth, and went to Moyo to celebrate Mike & Fran VanBruggen's 20th Wedding Anniversary. And imagine - I told someone that this was going to be a quiet week!

Tomorrow afternoon I am babysitting Marianne's 4 kiddies ranging from age 2 to 8. Saturday we have a birthday party to go to. Sunday it's church, a going away party for Jess, and church again.... Whew!

Monday we are headed to the South Coast with Marianne's family for a much needed family break with friends. We will be there together until Thursday morning when they return to Johannesburg. We will stay one more night, and then Friday we move on to Northdene for Word of Life Orientation with Grace Baptist Church. I will be doing my first orientation, training them to use the Olympians program while my husband teaches the Student program. I am excited at this new opportunity!

Speaking of new opportunities, upon our return home I will be teaching Sunday School and starting a children's choir. I am in the midst of planning Sunday School curriculum for preschool through Grade 6 and looking for songs to start with the children's choir.

Brandon & Marissa will have auditions for The Fiddler on the Roof at the end of April. I will be working with the other moms once a week to help organize this.

And all this shared, I can see the hand of God in preparing me for all of these changes, and I am looking forward to seeing how He provides strength for this journey. Just running the race!!

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