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Sunday, April 4, 2010


In Pastor Paul's introduction to his message this morning he made a statement that has stuck with me all day....

"Yesterday's blessings are not good enough for today."

Immediately my heart jumped and said "AMEN!" and I have been contemplating it since then!

I don't feel ready yet to put all of my thoughts into words, but I know that I need to trust God each day for new blessings, and to keep my eyes open and recognize them when they come!

So often I look back to our beginning days in the ministry and recall how God has blessed us through the years, but sometimes I get so BUSY here and now in the ministry that I miss spending time in awe and wonder of the blessings He continues to give!

God meets our needs. He loves me. HE LOVES ME!!!!

Just as a small example, I have been praying about the possibility of getting a guitar for Brandon. He so desires to learn so that he can play. He picked the guitar so that he could play and sing praises to God at the same time. I have been trying to figure out a way to get a guitar that we could afford, as well as figure out what kind is a good guitar to start with, etc. I wasn't sure how we were going to be able to afford one, but felt like the time was right for him to start. I even prayed that God would somehow provide, but continued to make my own plans, not really believing, I guess.

Then I met Pastor Dan, and he plays the guitar and I started asking him what kind to get and where to shop.... I was making plans to buy a guitar for Brandon's birthday. Then Pastor Dan approached my husband with the offer to GIVE Brandon his old guitar! It's the guitar that Pastor Dan learned on, and is just sitting at his parents house in Durban. And it just "happens" ;) that we are driving through Durban (7 hrs away) next week. Wow. WOW!

I know it may not seem like much, but it was such a blessing to me! A reminder that God not only meets our needs, but cares about our desires. He cares about my children's desires.... My Abba Father is going to continue to take care of me. And I am going to keep running this race with abandon and drawing closer to Him for strength. I long to spend more time in His presence and experience His peace.


  1. What a blessing. God is so good.

  2. This post has blessed me! Sometimes I get too involved in what I'm doing FOR God to watch for what He wants to do IN (and FOR) me. Thanks for the reminder! Hope you have a great time with the TEAM!!