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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brandon's Birthday

We were on holiday on the South Coast with the Koks for Brandon's birthday. It's hard to believe that my little boy is already 11 years old! Brad has tried to convince him that he is not allowed to be double digits, so he just keeps turning 9, but it doesn't seem to fly with Brand. I'm sure in no time flat he'll be taller than me, as he already comes up to my nose.

We went to Scottborgh beach so the kids could use the boogie boards, and we could soak in some sun and enjoy our friends. Zoe was a bit wary of the jelly fish and sharks ;) but we laughed it off and said not to worry.

The kids were having a blast! All except 2 yr old Ezra that is.... He was still struggling a bit with the waves. Brandon, Zoe, Sarah, Marissa, Nina & Mya were all really enjoying themselves until along came the blue bottles and Brandon and Marissa were stung. Marissa's sting was around 2 inches long near her underarm. Brandon's blue bottle wrapped itself around and around Brandon's leg. Boy did it hurt. They were instantly ready to leave the beach. Zoe even declared that she told us we shouldn't have come! At least Ezra was now happy to play in the sand. ;) Uncle Dion suggested ice cream and that was a temporary distraction. After cleaning up from the ice cream we decided to leave the beach and head back to the house. Brandon was convinced that if he would be okay if he could just play his Nintendo DS Lite for a distraction. :)

On the way to the car Uncle Dion had another great plan for distraction! Everyone got a couple of rides on the Waterslide! The kids were thrilled and by now I think the pain of the blue bottle stings were wearing off, and everyone was in good humour again.


We headed back to the house, gave the "babies" naps, swam and played, and the Koks were off to visit some friends.

Brad went to the shop to buy a chocolate cake mix and vanilla icing, so I made a cake, added some Peanut Butter to the icing for the PB King, and decorated it with my Easter M&M's - a precious commodity in Mom's eyes!

Brandon's choice for dinner was going to be Lasagna, but we saw a Spur while we were out for the day and he opted for Spur so that it would be easier on Mom than making Lasagna in a holiday kitchen with no dishwasher. (Thanks, Brandon!) So off to Spur for dinner and ice cream for the bday boy! He enjoyed a few bites of his ice cream and decided to turn it into a Fanta Orange float.

All in all it was a good day, in spite of those blue bottles. Happy Birthday, Brandon! We love you!

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