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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I grew up in the "city" of Lapeer, population of around 7,000 when I graduated in 1990 at 17 years of age. For those 17 years, I lived in the same house, went to the same school, and attended the same church. I only ever remember saying goodbye to one person that meant a lot to me, and though it wasn't easy and the memories of my sadness are very clear, there wasn't a lot of change in my life.

Since that time, I have lived in numerous cities and states, and have ended up in another country. We currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa, estimated population of 4,000,000! The number of relationships built that have ended in goodbyes are too numerous to count, and I treasure each one! This is the life of a missionary. 

Long ago I decided that I must love fully, give freely, and not hold back just because I'm going to have to say goodbye, maybe even soon. I won't shut you out, I won't build a wall, I will cherish every moment. (and this applies to all of my friends, not just this situation)

So now, as I approach another goodbye with a very close friend, I covet your prayers. She is a missionary preparing to leave the field so that her husband can take a pastorate in the US. They are so excited about the next step in their ministry! But change isn't easy. We don't know when she's leaving yet, but it could be as early as December. Some days I am in denial, yet I find myself clinging to every moment we can spend together. I also find myself being hit with a wave of emotion from out of no where - a "last" we experience together, something one of the children says (as our children are each other's best friends), something said by a mutual friend, etc.

I love James & Ella. God brought them into my life at a time when I needed them and provided a family away from home through them. They are precious, and I will cherish their friendship forever - from near and from far away!

James & Ella playing Wii at our house
Fun times on a girls' day out
But another goodbye isn't easy. 

And I have started even now to look around to see how God will provide a way to comfort, who God will use in my life to ease me into this change. Is there someone new that I need to pour my life into? Is there a current relationship that I need to focus on strengthening?

Thank you, God, for loving me, for being my Rock and my Redeemer! Help me to remember to rest in You.


  1. Oh heart is with you. I've been meaning to comment, and just didn't know what to say. But I know the feeling. And it's just something that God will walk you through....Is it gonna be easy? Absolutely NOT! But as you said, I believe He will provide either a new relationship, or one that needs to be strengthened. It's gonna be a hard few months....the adjustments will be tough, not only for you, but the kids as well. Cherish the next couple weeks, (granted they go) and love each other deeply. It's a struggle both ways, and both you and Elle will be going through it....unfortunetly on separete continents. I love you DEARLY...I wish I could come and HUG you....He'll provide the strength and comfort you need. xoxo

  2. Mary you have the most sincere heart!!! Mine is breaking for you as I think of all of the goodbyes which you have said. I am praying for you!!!

  3. Thanks, Jess! Love you, too.
    And thank you, Kiara for your prayers! Miss seeing you around.

  4. separate....not separete...ugh, that was buggin me. ;)

  5. Feliz Natal a toda sua família e a você!