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Monday, March 17, 2014

Alphabet Pasta Sensory Box

I filled one of the workboxes with alphabet shaped pasta and added some wooden letter string beads. I added the laminated flip book of letters & words that we created to use with "Teach Your Child to Read in 10 Minutes a Day" and instructed Mya to pick out 3 words from the list that she can already read.

She had to find the letters from the word, put them in the correct order with the letter beads on the string, one word at a time, and finish by saying the word out loud.

She really seemed to enjoy this activity, and even chose to spell the last word with the tiny pasta letters!


  1. Do you allow your daughter to interact via play dates with other African children? Do people in South Africans Homeschool their children? Does your church have a home school co op? It seems like your daughter is going to have some self esteem issues being so isolated from people who look like her? If she never interacts with people from her culture she will be culturally retarded.
    Have you learned how to work with her texture hair why is it chopped off? I know some African countries do this when the children go to school but you homeschool.

    1. Thanks for your questions, Sistergirl. My daughter does have a lot of interaction with different culture groups in South Africa. There are SO many! She also has quite a few adopted friends.
      There are a lot of homeschoolers in South Africa - more and more every year!
      I have spent quite a bit of time learning about how to care for her hair, and I have some African friends that have styled it for me, as well! At the time of this post, her hair was short because she decided that, rather than having to sit to have it styled, she would like to have it cut. It is very common for little girls in Africa to have short hair. Currently she has braid locs.