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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I thought life would slow down a bit this week. Our last weekend was the normal busy - I help with Jr. Youth and Sr. Youth on Friday, then Saturday was a birthday party at our house for Mickey, who is now 2! And then Sunday was church in the am and again in the pm.
We are only doing some of school this week as a precursor to holiday next week, but I forgot all that I still needed to do! Tuesday we had friends over for the afternoon, and Brad & I both teach at our churches midweek Bible Study on Tuesday night.
Last night I went through the bookshelf and pulled quite a few books that I'd rather sell than move, so now I need to price them.
Today has been slower, but I have spent the afternoon making final plans & a grocery list for camp on Monday. We are expecting around 100 people at BattleZone Camp and we will be feeding them ourselves.
I have an assignment that I had forgotten about that needs completed ASAP, and a Bible Study to catch up on for next week Thursday.
Brad has a Deacon's meeting this Thursday night, Friday is shopping for camp, Saturday will involve some cooking for camp...
Sunday we are taking 5 of the Discipleship Training Centre students to church with us and feeding them lunch, Brad has a training at 1, we have a birthday party at 2 and back to church at 6.
BattleZone Camp starts on Monday!

It is exciting to see all that God is doing! I need to sit back and take things one at a time so that I can breathe. ;)

My goal is to start blogging more often and posting more pics. We'll see how it goes!

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