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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mickey, Visit with friends, and Lamb

This morning it was so sweet! I awoke to Mickey saying, "Mya," and went to investigate as to why, and found him tucked in her bed and her reading in the chair. It was so sweet, but I didn't go get the camera to take a picture as the others in the house were still fast asleep, and I didn't want to awaken anyone. They really love each other.

Mickey has started repeating everything that Mya says, and she has taken full advantage of it. She goes around saying, "Say ____, say ____...." He has been really fussy today, and his nose has started to run. I really hope he's not getting sick.
I really enjoyed a visit with my friend, Felicity, today while our children played. Felicity has 6 children, ages 13, 11, 9, 6, 4 and 1. Their oldest is a boy, so they make nice playmates for my children. They really enjoy spending time together and we have been struggling to coordinate our schedules!
I have been praying about whether our children would be involved in the homeschool drama this year, and it looks like God may have provided an answer! Thank you, Lord! I love knowing that you care about even the most minute details in our lives.
I made lamb for the first time ever this week, and now I am attempting lamb chops. I prepared the leg of lamb in the slow cooker and it was amazing - so easy and tender! I'm hoping the lamb chops turn out just as good.
Tonight Brad has a Deacon's meeting, so I'm planning to get some work done while he's away, starting with pricing a box of books that I have decided to part with. It feels good to declutter some things from the house, especially knowing that if we don't get rid of them we have to move them.

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