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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We have experienced so many blessings, and sometimes I forget to share, so I'm going to overflow on you a little. ;)

Community Baptist Church in Montoursville started a "Serving As Senders" ministry in their church a long while ago, allowing volunteers from the church to join a team of people to support and pray for missionaries on the field. Our team has been an amazing support to us, calling us, praying for us, sending birthday cards and Christmas gifts and care packages, getting to know our children, meeting with us while in the US, and among many other things, presenting our needs and prayer requests before the local church. We have been blessed beyond measure in this way!

Recently, they found out that there would be another missionary traveling through Joburg that was willing to bring us a suitcase and they asked what we needed! It was PERFECT timing, as I needed to order quite a few books for school and could ship them for free to any US address, but international shipping would be outrageously expensive.

So now my books are ordered and should be on their way soon! Thank you, Sending Team, and thank you, God, for blessing us through Your servants!

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