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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb 3

Warning: my attempt at blogging every day through Feb may bore you. :)

I downloaded a new homeschool curriculum late last night while sleeping, and we are now officially Tapestry of Grace users. I am hoping this curriculum saves me research/planning time. I feel like God led me in this direction, and I am looking forward to the change!

I was in a mood to bake/cook today! Last night before I went to bed I put dough in the breadmaker and this morning I made the most amazing cinnamon rolls! They were SOOOO good. Then I made chili for lunch and lasagna for dinner.

I went to Bible Study today with the other ladies on the WOL South Africa staff. Love them! Just wish I had more time to spend with them.

And came home tonight to serve dinner to 4 extras around our table - Sbu & Muzi (WOL DTC Students) and Matthew and Desiree Frost, that we are "babysitting" for a couple of days. I couldn't have done it without my visiting mother-in-law, who babysat Mya while we were at Bible Study, and made salad and cake for dinner. Thanks, Mom H!

Now, I'm hoping I can stay awake long enough tonight to make some sense of my new digital curriculum.

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