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Thursday, February 17, 2011

God's Creation, viewed in Kruger National Park

We spent the day in Kruger National Park. It covers roughly 7500 square miles, almost the size of the state of New Jersey! We were in the park from around 8h30 until 5h30, and hardly covered a portion of the park, but here are some pics of what we saw! Thank you, God, for an amazing day viewing your AMAZING creation!

A Giraffe sits down, on average, only 20 minutes a day. They even sleep standing up. This is a rare sight indeed! :)

Wildebeest & Impala

Hippos in the water.

Still nothing better than cuddling my babies while they sleep.

Leopard Tortoise








All in all an amazing day! 4 of the Big Five, with only the elusive leopard missing from the list. Best of all, a day together with family making memories.

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