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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pavers, Fabric, Teens and Choc Cake

The day started late today - stayed in bed until after 8!!! :) And I started right in on some prep for homeschool and working on the finances on the computer.

Brad, Jack (his dad) and I went shopping for paving stones to decorate a section in the front garden. There is a big flower garden (360x320 cm) that needs some work, so I am planning to use the pavers to do a checkerboard pattern and plant flowers and plants in every other square. We bought pavers and compost today and will get the plants later.

(Here's a later pic of the work in progress)

Then this afternoon I went with Marissa and Judy (Brad's mom) to Chamdor, a huge fabric shop. Judy is making some visual aids for a seminar that she is teaching next week at Word of Life's Leadership Conference. I found some nice blue bulls fabric, so I will take some swatches out from Brad's quilt and find a great centerpiece! I will be able to finish it before winter!!

Then music practice and Senior Youth at church. I think we had a fantastic night at youth! We tried to play a variation of kickball where you pair up with a partner and one of you is "blind". It was exceptionally funny seeing as most of the kids didn't know what baseball was, let alone kickball, but we had a blast anyway. :) The meeting went well, and I enjoyed the time of fellowship in our small groups. 

When I got home I had a spurt of energy so I made sloppy joes for dinner tomorrow and whipped up two square Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cakes - one for a fellowship after church and one for home. I pulled out the fridge to get a drawer out that needed cleaned, washed it and got it all put away, cakes are finished, and now I really should be heading to bed as it's 22h30. Goodnight!

Whew! That was another busy day! ;)

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